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I have memories, clouded by sorrow

Of a time in life when blood ran through my veins

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Nice work Livejournal, give the site an 'upgrade' which makes the comments invisible. Unless I'm lucky enough to click the right order of events that shows me the old version of the page. Ridiculous.

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(Deleted comment)
Not right now, because it's showing it to me in the old style.

The new layout looks hideous!

It's so confusing..... Might be the nail in the coffin of poor old El Jizzle.

Seems OK for me. Might be because I have a permanent account.

Unlike the Spanish I'm-not-an-elf, I don't have a permanent account or even a paid one, and I'm seeing all my comments just fine in this new style which has been thrust upon us since this morning.

Have you been on that marijuana gin again?

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