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I have memories, clouded by sorrow

Of a time in life when blood ran through my veins

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(no subject)
So, you know when you stop posting on Livejournal because it seems dead, even though you check it every day, and then you realise you've been logged out and therefore not seeing most of the posts your friends made for at least the last two months? That happened. Now my friends page only goes back as far as January 29th, so if you did anything interesting in January, I will probably never know. Oops.

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Oh well it's nice to see you back here, did you have a good Christmas?

It was good, thanks! I visited family briefly then spent the rest of the holiday with my girlfriend in High Wycombe. How was yours?

Quiet and lovely, visited family, got drunk with local friends :)

High Wycombe is not so far from us :)

You could always read what we all wrote then. But you'll at least have seen the launch of Ogg-Cast 41 and the Adventures in Scotland video on Faceache... if it didn't disappear within 30 seconds.

I've done this before. Pesky friends locks.

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