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Not much to report right now - but I would like to point out to those with plenty of spare time on their hands that I've recently started uploading a load of Skyrim pictures to Tumblr with my usual silly captions, at this address:

Tumblr's a good choice for such things as you reach random people much more easily on there, which I think is cool when you're just posting silly stuff like screenshots from video games. Plus, the uploading interface and all-round presentation is a thousand times better, despite it being a relatively new service. I wish Livejournal had kept pace with all the developments in social media and blogging, but alas, it did not. The downside of Tumblr is that it's too anonymous - people see your stuff and 'like' it or 'reblog' it - but you will never know much about those people, because there are no profile pages, and nobody goes on Tumblr to talk about themselves, just to repost other people's pictures. It's a bit lonely really, like being in a room of people where nobody speaks anybody else's language. Another symptom of the modern internet I guess, making money from your existing associations rather than caring if you can form new ones.

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I've never liked tumblr, precisely because it's always been a stream of *stuff* rather than a proper blog.

Yeah, it's pretty much the blog equivalent of television, very passive. Another way in which it feels like a broadcast medium is that people only tend to like or reblog my posts within half an hour of me posting them. I expect there's some sort of feed where new posts appear for a while before sinking into obscurity.

You might note that there's a bug with AMD/ATi driver installations. It'll merrily install the newer control panel but leave the older drivers installed because it's "intelligent" installer thinks that they're ok so leaves them alone.

Only way to be sure it's going to work with AMD/ATi, and this is the method that they recommend for their own drivers by the way, is to uninstall your current drivers, reboot into safe mode and run CCleaner or DriverCleaner etc to manually remove the last traces... then reboot normally and install the newest drivers.

Awesome. Couldn't just y'know... fix their driver installation instead could they.

Yeah, I read about that, but I had the opposite issue - I downloaded their driver, updated it, and it said I now had version 12.4, and had the broken graphics. Imagine my surprise when I go online and AMD are saying, "the Skyrim and WoW artifacting will be fixed in 12.4". But I already had 12.4... except I didn't. It was just the wrong number showing, and I had 12.3. I uninstalled and reinstalled 12.2 (without needing to use a registry cleaner in my case) and that got me by until the real 12.4 came out!

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I still think Wordpress is waaay better than Livejournal, in terms of features and usability.

(Disclaimer: I'm not a programmer, and my web development experience is limited to building Tekken fanpages with a ripped-off copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver when I was 16.)

Yeah, for the end user Wordpress is a lot better as blog software. It doesn't really provide a social aspect though which I think is a real shame. That's why I used Tumblr, for the ease of reaching people.

My Tumblr account is just used for a few simple blogs, one for the band, this Skyrim, and a couple of others. I have a Wordpress blog as well and that is an abomination, as you suggest. I didn't particularly see the point in jumping through those hoops to get our band blog working so we just pull the raw data from Tumblr instead. (Although I get the impression that API is deprecated now, sadly.)

It's a real shame that sites like Livejournal and Wordpress were made in poor languages and with awful code because I think they could have been so much better with only a few simple changes - but nobody will make those changes if the barrier to entry is too high.

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I don't think I've ever looked at a WordPress plugin, but even just their themes are so complicated that you can see how awful the whole system is. We've all seen projects that just get worse over time but you really do have to bite the bullet and refactor things to stop it getting out of hand. Personally I expect something to come along and dethrone WordPress before too long because it wouldn't be all that hard to implement.

I suspect that part of the problem with Livejournal not keeping pace is that every time they have tried to make changes people have moaned about it.

The same people that have stopped using it now and moved on to sites that have kept pace and are continuing to do so, and are still moaning about it. Probably.

Heh, yeah, it's funny to see any time LJ posts a News message, and then thousands of comments about how the users hate the change. It's understandable though; people have been on LJ for a decade or more, and they obviously like the way it has been, or they would have left long ago. So any change now will alienate people.

Still, if a site stays popular enough it can afford to annoy the curmudgeons by implementing positive changes - Facebook has been evidence of that. But a lot of the issue with LJ is because the people who originally set it up are long gone and tech companies always stagnate when bought out by new owners.

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